Monday, September 14, 2009

Indulge with Lyrics

Right now, I'm feeling a bit like this:

I've been crazy
I've been holdin' myself back for so long
But I've got so much I can give
Don't wanna be afraid to be wrong

You know I'm not too good at too many things
But I've been gettin' real good at gettin' down on myself
But guess what
I'm gonna try to break free from this prison I've built

I'm gonna give myself permission to shine
I'm gonna shine so bright
Gonna make every head wanna turn
You're finally gonna see me
Give myself permission to shine
I'm gonna light up the night
Shine a little of my light on the world

Totally self-indulgent, I know. Bachelor Girl, Permission to Shine, by the way. Great song.

My little self-indulgent lyric-fest got me thinking about all of the songs that punctuate certain times in my life. For example, FAME, the song from the musical of the same name got me through my singing on stage anxiety (not stage fright - it's a different thing. I could speak, act and dance on stage just fine. This was singing specific, strangely) as a whippersnapper. Pumped me up real good. It became my "theme song" of sorts, Ally McBeal-style.

So. Come on, indulge away. Indulge yourself, indulge me. Whatever. Slap me with some lyrics, Baby!