Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good on ya, Carry Prejean!

First let me say, I actually do not agree with Miss California, Carry Prejean's answer to the question regarding gay marriage posed to her in the Miss USA pageant. However I admire her strength to stand by her beliefs. Plus, I actually don't think she said anything offensive. Mind you, I think anyone who starts a sentence with the phrase, "No offense to anyone", is making the rookie mistake of disclaiming the offensive comment they are about to make.

Watch this:

Her response, though inarticulate, was not rude. I don't know what the other questions were, but this was a TOUGH QUESTION. It was pretty much no win situation for her. No matter what she had said, she would have offended people. I think perhaps her only mistake was to put forth her personal beliefs, when she wasn't actually asked to share her personal beliefs on gay marriage. She started out well... if only she had avoided commenting on the nature of the legislation passed, and concentrated on the American people having a choice in such matters. If I were her, I would have said, "No, I don't think each state should simply follow suit. The United States of America has a process to pass such acts, whereby each state has the right to individually address the issue. That is what makes our country so great - our freedom of choice." Except that I wouldn't necessarily say "our country", being Australian and all. Hang on - what would I be doing in a Miss USA pageant, anyway?!

Sorry, off track.

Anyway, while I would actually vote for the legalisation of gay marriage, I like Carry's answer in this interview, because she is 100% right - nothing is worth compromising your beliefs for, not even the title of Miss USA. Good on ya, Carry!

PS. And Perez Hilton is just being a big-mouthed bad sport about the whole thing!

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