Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jumping on the Meme bandwagon...

Okay, if all the cool kids are doing it, here goes...

Twenty-five random things about me:

1. I can convince myself that just about anything is more important than the actual important task that I need to do. Write article for work... well, not before the all-important facebook check/stalk. Clean up the kitchen... Hmm, maybe after I've done my nails, eaten another LCM, and gotten through this episode of Three and a Half Men (which I actually HATE with a passion. It is in NO WAY funny).

2. I can't use pieces of paper or pens or even sometimes undies out of order. I just think it is unfair to the one that is at the top of the pile and has been waiting patiently to fulfill its destiny.

3. I get anxiety, especially at night. I will spend a perfectly calm evening in, then turn off the lights for bed and become utterly and irrationally certain there is an intruder in my home and there are mere moments before my maming and killing begins.

4. I am exceptionally accomplished at daydreaming. I will daydream that I am going to win the next Boystown lifestyle lotto, and for those thirty minutes, it's as good as if I really had won, even when I haven't, and have no intention of buying a ticket! This is why I believe I would survive in jail. They could take my freedom, but they'll never take my dreams!

5. Dirty Dancing has been my favourite movie since I was... oh I don't know, about eight. I wanted to marry Patrick Swayze when I was but a wee lass.

6. My son and I laugh about poos and farts all the time.

7. I miss Sarah Palin. She was such an entertaining train wreck. I actually became quite obsessed with her during the US election campaign.

8. When I first started working at Australia Zoo, I liked animals okay, but I really had little to no interest in them. Now I really genuinely love a lot of animals. They fascinate me - their behaviours, their natural defences, their biology - I love learning about them. However, I must admit that I will always love people more.

9. I can have a bit of a potty mouth. Okay, fine, I'm a complete foul mouth, but I have learnt to control it. You know, around my boy and at church and stuff.

10. I do not have any recollection of a time when I was not 100% interested in boys. Some of my first memories include me falling helplessly in love with boys in my class. My most vivid memory of this is from Grade One. His name was David. Can't remember his last name. The next year, it was Simon (again, no last name). And in Grade Three, Shawn O'Laughlin came to our school and that was it for me. He was The One for a good while after that. I had a few other boyfriends, but Shawn was the one I was really interested in, but I never stopped lusting after Shawn. We got together properly when we were fourteen, but I dumped him after a few weeks.

11. I was always, always, always going to be a dance teacher. Everyone knew it. It was just in my stars. I loved dancing and I was a natural teacher. I taught Song and Dance classes for awhile, but I was destined for other things, as it seems.

12. Chiropractic helped cure my stage fright. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. Chiro and steely determination.

13. I have two false teeth. They were knocked out when I was nine.

14. I ignore strange sounds in my car in the hopes that they will just go away. Ignorance truly is bliss.

15. I don't wash my car. I wait for it to rain.

16. When I find a really good book, I will read it over and over and over.

17. I sing in my office all the time. I bet it annoys everyone!

18. I chose my son's name by going through the names of characters in movies, plus ideally I wanted his name to be Hebrew like mine. Jonah is the name of the little boy in Sleepless In Seatle. Other names I considered were Cary (like Cary Grant), Manas, Ashton, Aidan and Jonas. If he had been a girl, his name would have been Cosette Jessica or Charlotte Jessica.

19. I can still do the splits.

20. I currently have six white summer dresses in my wardrobe. I love them all, but I haven't even worn two of them yet.

21. I have become better at sports since having my son. I have had to pick up my ball skills to keep up with him. He's only three.

22. Decision-making, when it's really important, is not my strong point. I always hope something really really good or really really bad will happen to influence my decision, so it's kind of made for me.

23. When people comment that something bad has been done, like someone stole or broke something, I always think, "Oh, I hope they didn't think it was me..." Even when I logically know that noone would think I did anything, because I never steal and I would always own up to breaking something, and people should know this about me!

24. I never go to the doctor, unless I'm super sick. But I usually get there and feel remarkably fine. Then I feel like a faker. And that's why I don't go in the first place! It's one of life's cruelties.

25. I probably should buy a new television. The one I have cost me $300 eight years ago, is too small and makes a decently audible squeal. It's just that there are always dresses and stuff to buy...

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